The words of my uncle:

OK, here goes, I’m just putting out there what a whole of people are quietly saying, but want to say out loud. LADIES, enough with the hair already! We men like a good looking woman but you must understand that it takes a little more than hair to attract our attention. The more is not the merrier! I give women their props for getting their hair done RIGHT! But going to the gas station and buying that cheap stuff and just throwing it on your head ain’t cutting it. I understand some can’t afford it, cut it short or go natural then. So what I’m getting at is, people are laughing at you. Especially them old ladies that come outside with their wigs on sideways. Most of you are beautiful just the way you are. Tone it down a bit, most men prefer the natural look anyway. Men will tell you a lie to achieve their goals. By the way, everybody is not a hair dresser or stylist.OK Men! What is your reason for wearing your hair in dreadlocks? Do you really know? I doubt it, probably because everybody else is doing it. There are many reasons among various cultures for wearing locks. Locks can be an expression of deep religious or spiritual convictions, a manifestation of ethnic pride, a political statement, or be simply a fashion preference. In response to the derogatory history of the term dreadlocks, alternative names for the style include locks and African Locks. So I asked this one guy, and he said it was cool. So I asked him what was cool about poor hygiene. Not washing his nasty hair. NO ANSWER! Same reason you sag your damn pants. Not really knowing the origin of where it all started.So don’t get me wrong people, I’m simply stating what people are talking about to me. People have the right to dress and look like they please. Just as I have the right to give my opinion about it. That’s what makes us who we are. Carry on!


2 thoughts on “Words of Advice: Hair

  1. If dreadlocks are merely a fashion statement, why is it relevant to know the roots of it? (not saying you shouldn’t). And there is nothing to stop a person with dreadlocks from washing their hair!

    1. what my uncle was trying to get at was that, there are different reasons for wearing locks. & when he was referring to “the roots” of it, he went the sagging of jeans. Which is rooted in slavery btw .. The slaves often did not wear belts & therefore, their pants sagged.
      & of course, there is nothing to stop a person from washing their hair when they have locks, I think in his opinion it just looks dirty.

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