Trayvon Martin tribute

I hope everyone reading this has had a lovely day so far, because I plan to fuck it up.
I envy everyone who lives in large cities, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds. I hope this post opens your eyes to what is going on around you & I change you’re perception of the way you see things. For those who are not aware, we live in a world run by the white man & we have been, and still are being conditioned to hate anything that is not white.

It starts from a young age. Apparently, in some schools in London, children are no longer allowed to describe white children as “white”, but must call them “peach” & if they don’t they get in trouble. There is no equivalent rule for black people. So, from young kids these days have the idea of white people being like a peach. What are the connotations of a peach? Nice, sweet, fruit – healthy etc. What connotations are associated with black? Death, decay, evil, sad, depression. It may seem like nothing, but as I described in my post “are we an ignorant generation?”, these seeds are planted in our head & they sprout in the subconscious. Their self-esteem and sense of self-worth drops. But all this psychological talk is for another day. Watch this space – “The black cycle”..

Let me tell you the events that unravelled in the last 24 hours.

Incident #1 ~ I had a little drink up in my room – few drinks, 5 people, my room is slyly sound proof – the flats on the opposite side were having a LOUD kitchen party, music blaring. At my university, we have a Campus Watch, sort of like security. So, 11 o’clock, we were drinking, listening to music, none of my flatmates had a problem with it – some of them even joined in. So, at the same time, in the accommodation where I live, we have a bar – on this particular day, they were having their weekly night, so there was noise from there also. Around 12.30, a group of friends came, 5-6 Black boys. The music turned down cos I was sorting out drinks for them, talking etc etc, 20 minutes after they arrived – Campus Watch knocked on my room door. Not the front door of my flat .. MY ROOM. They said people were complaining about the noise. Bullshit, I have been blasting music since 9 o’clock, & you couldn’t even hear it from outside my flat door. The weekly night at the bar wasn’t even finished & people wanted to complain about my little get together? Campus Watch were watching my flat until 5am.

Furthermore, after everyone was told to leave, in the car park they saw a car that had dents all around it. They started laughing etc, & one of the Campus Watch security guards tried to accuse them of doing it. He then chased them all the way to the next college & kept harrassing them, saying they were suspicious & he needed a name then he would let them go. I came out shortly after & started arguing with him & asked why he needed a name – why couldn’t he just check the CCTV.. I ended up giving him my name.

That aside, the event that really put the icing on the cake was, the following afternoon, I had a dentist appointment. On arrival I went to go & sit in the waiting room, filling out forms, my friend (who is black) accompanied me & there were  a lot of people in the waiting room. I ended up sitting next to a primary school child, no older than around 7. As soon as I sat down he started squirming and fidgeting uncomfortably in his chair. I didn’t pay it much attention but eventually he had slid off his chair & was sitting on the floor in front of his mother, who was sat opposite us & 3 other children that were there had all huddled closely together. I didn’t think much of it, I was too busy with the forms etc. But when I left I realised what had happened. My friend had noticed too. Now, I’m not fully black, I’m mixed race but I currently have braids in my hair. It upset me that such a young child had already been conditioned to be prejudiced in such a way. What did he think I was going to do?

I currently live not too far from London, but the area is very quiet & there are very few ethnic minorities. From day 1 I noticed that walking around the city centre, I would get a lot of stares & people often held their possessions tighter when I walked past. I haven’t experienced such behaviour in such a long time, I used to live in Southern Germany & my family ended up moving practically to the other side of the globe from the abuse we used to receive.

Racism is not dead. Understandably. It has only been 2-3 generations since the Civil Rights Movement etc., and there are still some elderly people who are not used to the sudden burst of multiculturalism. Of course, racism is not exclusively directed at black people, though they do seem to be targeted a lot.

Anti-racism does not mean anti-white, there are a lot of white people who are against racism, it’s just a few bad apples that spoil the rest. Look at Trayvon Martin. if you are unaware of the situation, this video may enlighten you. Trayvon Martin Shot, Killed By Neighborhood Watch


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