strong jawline/high cheekbones

So, its 3 am, & ive been watching some psychology videos (as you do) & i came across this really interesting topic. A couple of years ago, a study was released in the UK that basically said that a woman could tell if a man would be a player or a potential husband just by looking at his face? sounds strange right? but heres the logic behind it.

Basically, the male hormone Testosterone has a major role to play in this. One of the things that testosterone affects is appearance. A male with high testosterone, is more likely to have a stronger jawline, a thicker/stronger brow ridge, higher cheekbones etc. Males also have the female hormone oestrogen, but not as much – males with high oestrogen will have softer features, such as a rounder face, softer forehead region etc. This study found that females can detect this at a sub-conscious level and from this, we make a decision if he is a suitable partner. Females reason that a male with more testosterone is more likely to be a player.

From an evolutionary perspective – and this is what really amazed me because these are the types I go for but never realised – a male with higher testosterone with more attractive features we see as a potential “player” because
                 (1) Being more attractive means he will have more female attention.
                 (2) The more female attention he has, the chances of him cheating rise
he could be the most faithful guy in the world but to potential partners it can still be a threat because of the competition. Some girls may be discouraged if they think they will have to fight over a guy.

We try to avoid this for the obvious reason of the threat of infidelity (your partner cheating) but ALSO, this is a theory i have come across in psychology before – its called Mate Guarding. This is basically something you will have seen before, its just the official name for it. An example of mate guarding in a nutshell, at a party for example, there is always that couple, & the boy is just right THERE – dancing with his girl. watching her from a far if he goes to get a drink, he’s trying NOT to leave her side. Other forms of this are constantly phoning them, and PDA’s (public displays of affection) .. Females do this as well, but in different forms.

So, if we see that a male is more attractive, we want to avoid having to Mate Guard because it can be very exhausting. If females are looking for a long-term commitment they will go for the softer looking male.

As for males, it works exactly the same way –
If a female is attractive, she’s more likely to get more attention, sub-consciously, this is interpreted as “more likely to cheat” and etc etc etc.

so, there you go. your answer in short, why attractive people find it harder to get into a relationship.


One thought on “Why Attractive People Find It Hard To Find Long-Term Relationships

  1. It’s no wonder attractive women are more likely to be beaten or killed in long-term relationships with men. Why? Because men see them as potential players because they attract other males.

    And if you’re a mixed race person it’s worse because they’re seen as too attractive because of their ambiguity and are seen as more likely to cheat because they have the best of both or many worlds. Mixed race people are seen as untrustworthy and more likely to get divorced and not have long-term relationships. No one wants a long-term relationship with a mixed person, especially if a person is not mixed themselves.

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