Made in Germany, Manufactured in Nigeria

Made in Germany, Manufactured in Nigeria

Suffering the same fate as Zeno,
my tongue ripped from throat;
yes, the cat did feed.
Grammatical rules still battle
with the english –

I prefer my butter toasted,
put some tea in my sugar;
slips of the tongue evade me
my tongue running past my mind
talking too fast.

I am truly Made in Germany
the language lies dormant in me
my mind tingles when the language
tickles my ear or tantalises my eyes
yearning for the culture

Homemade cheesecake, deep green
landscapes, the mother land interconnected
by Autobahn.
Crisp, fresh air and sparkling water,

Torn from my half roots,
Mother manufactured in Nigeria,
her roots deep set in her OWN motherland,
she still owns her tongue
emersed me in the culture and customs,

The language rings familiar in my ears,
though fluency evades me,
E kaa-ro, e jo, kini? olodo, oloshi
Simplicity speaks to me

so this is the meaning stamped to my back
to forever remind me of my lineage.



Corset piercing

so I read in the Metro the other week that theres a new craze of people getting corset piercings. now as a correction – these are NOT new. ive been aware of them since I was about 12. The argument is that they arent healthy but to be honest they are just like any other surface piercing. The actual piercing is only temporary – they are purely for adornment & even though i wouldnt get one, they are beautiful. I would never be able to get one cos my skin scars so easily. + its only the surface of the skin so its not deep enough to get infected. it still does have to be kept clean. unlike corset piercings, these are quite a new craze.

Cheek piercings on the other hand, are essentially to create the look of dimples

but funnily enough, they only look good on people who actually have dimples. Also, although they are CUTE, i would never actually get any or think they are attractive

(i have 1 dimple, but I still wouldnt get one) , so, with that mini rant, here are some pictures.

Losing Love

Losing Love

Ive been losing love, trying to
fit in with the rest of society
Ive been losing love, hoping
to get a little taste of life before
I have to get tied down…

But love is everywhere, its
inevitable to escape.
the first step is to find it –
& it overwhelms you to
the point where you just have
to share it with someone else

I almost had love once,
Love is always waiting, love
is patient… Theres enough love
for everyone, as long as theres
enough room in your own heart

Im losing love and I dont like it
I still break the bread &
sip the wine, guilty
concious I am not part-taking

Is our generation ignorant?

Is our generation ignorant?

The answer of course is yes. But why? It’s enough to say that we are ignorant as a generation, but to provide no reasons for it is even worse.

First thing is first. In what way are we ignorant? Personally, I think the worst sense of ignorance is the extent to which we conform. What is conformity? The easiest way for me to describe it is “mindlessly following the crowd, just because”. There are two types of conformity, and our generation is a major culprit in both areas. There is obviously, normal conformity – we just do what every else is doing, without really questioning why we’re doing it. Often, we conform in order to feel part of a group. Most teenagers feel like they need to be part of a group, otherwise they feel like outsiders which can lead to insecurities and in more cases than we often think, can lead to self-harm. The internet is a dangerous thing. Facebook, twitter and Tumblr all allow for us to be connected almost instantaneously & we are bombarded with images & ideas more so than any other generation. The problem is that, with this element of conformity (which is a phenomena shared among ALL human beings not just our generation) combined with the speed of the internet, we often adopt ideas without really thinking about WHY we support such ideas.

A recent example is the Kony 2012 campaign. If you don’t know what it is, I’m not going into it in detail here, you can find plenty about it on youtube. The 30 minute video quickly went viral and millions of teenagers suddenly thought they were social activists. I must admit, I was slyly sucked in by the campaign. I posted the video on facebook, but that was as far as it went. I’m pretty sure people still believe it’s a genuine cause, but since its been launched there has been a lot of criticism and the creator of the video, Jason Russell was arrested for disturbing the peace, allegedly running around naked and masturbating while “under the influence” of something.

Now this is my problem with it. Millions watched the video and obviously, were moved by it’s content .. THEN, they were quick to jump on the bandwagon & donate money to this cause without thinking of the obvious warning signs. The main issue was, for a non-profit company, HOW did they have all this merchandise ready in such a “short” time as they say. If I go into it, this post will be WAY too long so here are 2 videos that will shed some more light on the situation. Ugandan girl gives her reasons why Kony 2012 is a scam and Phoney Kony: Nabil Goes In – more reasons why Kony2012 is bullsh*t

In short, we follow what everyone else is doing without thinking of it ourselves. Then the other type of conformity is the ANTI-conformist. These are the people that go AGAINST everything they see everyone else doing. An example is, if everyone is dyeing they hair blonde, they may dye it black or brown. If they listen to a particular artists, as soon as everyone else jumps on the bandwagon, they stop listening to them. It’s still ignorant behaviour because they are still going against the crowd without valid reason.

Moving on. As I mentioned before, the internet bombards us with images and ideas daily. This leads to two things. ONE. We have so much information available to us now that mastery is hard to achieve. What is mastery? Apparently it’s one of the things humans strive to achieve during life and one of the “keys to happiness” – with so much information it’s hard for us to keep track and our mind is overwhelmed. Many people say that the only times they can think clearly is when they are on the toilet. A peculiar statement, but if you really think about it, it makes sense. This generation are so submerged in the technological movement that we rarely see people outside today unless it’s a rave or something & even there, with mobile internet, its hard to get away. So, sitting on the toilet, we have time to think like that, unless you take your laptop to the toilet, then I don’t know for you o.

The second reason, because there are so many ideas thrown at us so fast we often adopt them then push them to the back of our minds, and although this may seem harmless, these ideas may sprout into seeds which can turn into something bigger.

But there is hope. I know a lot of people who are able to think for themselves. The best way to tackle the ignorance of the generation is to teach children to question their motives and WHY they are doing something. & I don’t mean to question WHY they have to do chores or why their parents tell them to do something. But that’s a whole different subject I don’t even wanna get into.

Yes, the generation is ignorant, but there are a lot of us out there that don’t just mindlessly follow what everyone else is doing & ask the right questions at the right time.

Words of Advice: Hair

Words of Advice: Hair

The words of my uncle:

OK, here goes, I’m just putting out there what a whole of people are quietly saying, but want to say out loud. LADIES, enough with the hair already! We men like a good looking woman but you must understand that it takes a little more than hair to attract our attention. The more is not the merrier! I give women their props for getting their hair done RIGHT! But going to the gas station and buying that cheap stuff and just throwing it on your head ain’t cutting it. I understand some can’t afford it, cut it short or go natural then. So what I’m getting at is, people are laughing at you. Especially them old ladies that come outside with their wigs on sideways. Most of you are beautiful just the way you are. Tone it down a bit, most men prefer the natural look anyway. Men will tell you a lie to achieve their goals. By the way, everybody is not a hair dresser or stylist.OK Men! What is your reason for wearing your hair in dreadlocks? Do you really know? I doubt it, probably because everybody else is doing it. There are many reasons among various cultures for wearing locks. Locks can be an expression of deep religious or spiritual convictions, a manifestation of ethnic pride, a political statement, or be simply a fashion preference. In response to the derogatory history of the term dreadlocks, alternative names for the style include locks and African Locks. So I asked this one guy, and he said it was cool. So I asked him what was cool about poor hygiene. Not washing his nasty hair. NO ANSWER! Same reason you sag your damn pants. Not really knowing the origin of where it all started.So don’t get me wrong people, I’m simply stating what people are talking about to me. People have the right to dress and look like they please. Just as I have the right to give my opinion about it. That’s what makes us who we are. Carry on!



my goodness, I havent sat down & written a text post/blog entry in MONTHS. I havent even been busy, I have been doing absolutely nothing. Over the Christmas holidays, days just melted into one long thing. I had no sense of what time it was as I was just in bed, sleeping, messing around on the internet & eating once a day, 2 if I remembered. I didnt feel hungry – ever.

But thats besides the point. As we all know, university is different to how it was, say, 30 – 40 years ago. A degree makes you stand out in the eyes of an employer. Nowadays, EVERYONE has a degree and a 2.1 is the equivalent of a first. We are supposed to broaden our horizons, get involved in different societies & get the most out of it as we can. So why am I half way through first year & I have done NOTHING until now? Of course, in the beginning I said “join all the societies” .. “have a different thing to do every day”, but that turned out do be quite expensive. I didnt even join the gym like I planned until now.

I recently read a few “self-help” books, yes. I know – but they opened my eyes. I didnt have too much guidance from my mother in regards to how to act like a woman and date and everything. I was always a tomboy and preferred to chill with boys in the hope that they would reveal their secret to me about what makes a woman irresistible. & although these books were written by females about men, they made sense. A man, at the end of the day, wants a WOMAN. Yes, playing video games or being into football may be bonus, but they still want a female. & not a needy one either.

I realised that I come across as needy, not because I am, but because I have nothing else to do. So after being in bed today till 5pm, thinking, Ive decided to take control of my life. Not just to get a Man, but because yesterday was the most fun I ever had – & i believe this is what student life was meant to be like.

After waking up at 12pm, I did my laundry & out of the blue my flatmate asked me to come & try a spanish/salsa class workshop. I was AMAZING, I interracted with so many people I never would have thought. Afterwards I went to the gym for about 2 hours, something that I miss from my old life – & then in the evening my friends asked me to come out to a night in town. Which was really fun as well. It was cheap, I didnt have to drink to have fun and there was no drama involved.

So, this is really here for me. As a reminder of when I decided to turn my life around and actually be productive. 25th February 2012. & I hope I inspired some people to do the same.



Growing up we all wanted a gentleman;
open the door, pull out a chair.
Growing up we all wanted a sensitiveman;
tell us how he’s feeling, cuddle instead of feening.

So they turned into gentle men;
gentle and SENSITIVE men,
those men who write poems
& aren’t afraid to cry.

we turned around & remarked!
“are you gay”
“he’s too clingy”
“I want a REAL man”

So now we’ve grown up we dont want
a gentleman.
we want a real man
a read-my-mind-and-fuck-me-right kind of man

So they went out to get practice;
because they need practice to fuck you right,
they learned pick-up-lines to speed up the process
& they fucked anything with 2 legs
all for some practice.

we turned around & remarked!
“he’s a player”
“he only wants to fuck”
“I want a GENTLEman”