In the night, when half of humanity is sleeping
& the other half is working –
lonliness is your only companion
the presence of silence is haunting
& your mind begins to ponder & wander.

First it takes baby steps, evaluating the day,
the confused weather, grey & blue.
The late night films to be watched
at your own discretion…
until you start dissecting the world
It is a gloriously, beautiful bastard.

Your eyes demand sleep,
but your mind does not let you,
you are too deep in thought
The world is a dangerous place & the
shelter of your mother & fathers house
can no longer protect you
Its time for you to spread your wings

& although the anticipation is positive
the closer it gets, the more daunting it becomes
having lived in the system since birth
school, college, university.
Always someone there
making the tough decisions

Will you be part of the system when you leave?
did you learn enough?
Did you pick up the skills to survive,
in the white mans world?

& this is where your mind wanders in the night
& before you know it, the birds are awake
& the absence of silence allows you to finally,


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