no – just another word in the english language
but it holds so much meaning..
short & to the point.. what is no?

no is one of the first words we learn,
no is the opposite of yes,
no can mean nothing
“No answer”
no can mean yes
“Do you like him” – “No, I really like him”

Such a simple word.
not a word I use very often,
that way you can get the full impact..

hate is such a strong word?
NO is such a strong word.
& you have the audacity to continue
your foolishness after I have SHOUTED

well then, in that case;
I hope that you know, that no-one
gets away with not noting my no,
because now, I hope you know
that not no-one knows, & you
should watch your back..
because I said, no.


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