What does it mean to be “natural” – no weave, no make-up? Or does it mean more than that.. If your hair is relaxed your not natural anymore, are you? No, because your hair isnt in its natural state..

Have you shaped your eyebrows? Then you’re not natural..

Have you got your nails done? Your legs shaved, your moustache shaved, your chin hair plucked, your armpits shaved – then you are NOT natural..Make-up, false eyelashes, hair extensions.. STOP HATING..Females love to hate on eachother.. A phenomenon I’m still trying to find a valid explanation for – psychological or not. But the next time you see a girl with messed up weave & you remark “ew, look at her crusty weave” look at yourself first. I’ve had my fair share of weaves, and done countless things to my hair, relaxed, coloured, bleached, straightened etc, weave is just another form of making yourself up – because we all know that if we NEVER did anything to ourselves and went “au natural” half the pretty girls you see all over Tumblr etc. wouldnt exist…

rant over.


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