I dont know who some people think they are. I’m not really into fashion, but I have a pretty good memory & i can spot when someone is copying something Ive seen somewhere else.
So, I’ve been on youtube last night and this morning watching hair tutorials.. Even though I dont have white people hair, I just find it interesting :).. Anyway, I just came across a tutorial called “Quick 2 Minute Updo” its from 2009, & the girl in in basically describes that her grandmother has just come from Japan & bought her a magazine & she found a nice hair style in it. The hair style is this swag that recently a lot girls have started doing. A chelsie bun or whatever its called, where the hair is in a bun at the front of your head – & the ends look like theyre tucked under the bun. Yeah. this video is from 2009 people. & people jumping on the style now as if its NEW.
There’s so many incidents of this happening – people dont realise theres no such thing as originality. People are getting most of their fashion ideas from the 80s area nowadays. If youre going to jump on a trend dont hype & say its new, because your parents have probably been there, done that.
The same thing goes for Aztec print – the youtube gurus have been raving and reviewing Aztec since early 2011 & only now people wanna jump on the wave. Yeah it’s nice but don’t pretend its the new thing, you’re just late.
Sadly, this applies mainly to black people. Yes, I said it. Black people are so late to jump on trends. i.e, I used to live in New Zealand, from 2000 –  2006 & while I was there the hype was around Converses, mainly, Chuck Taylors. But, I used to hang out with skaters, they wore Chuck Taylors because they were good shoes to wear & they would let them get messy. They didnt care about keeping them clean. Now, people are purposely wearing dirty converses.. Then, back to the point of black people, they will hype up the Converses & cry if a bit of mud gets on them. Grrr, these children just need to sit down.
People need to do some research if they want to follow a trend, find out its source, & dont just blindly follow the crowd.
Im gunna side-track but, I just wanna say, America is waaay behind on a time-scale, & yes its not their fault, but im just ranting anyway because I really dont like America. By the time it was Christmas here, they were still in Christmas Eve.. & Australia were already half way through Christmas! It pisses me off that everything has to be on Americas time, most things on the internet anyway. Online Sales, twitter etc..
But thats just my opinion, what do you think?


2 thoughts on “Late Fashion Trends

  1. America are way ahead of us though… the snapbacks and ralph laurens that you see males wear has been a fasion trend since 2007

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