look at this picture..  what if I told you he was black? What are the first assumptions that come to mind. What if I told you he was white? What would you think then? Why does this even matter? The other day I was in the car with my mum and she saw a black man riding a bike, his hair was unkept & he was wearing a beenie. Out of nowhere she said “druggie”… I was infuriated by her remark. Who is she to judge his life and to say that he is on drugs. Because he’s riding a bike? Because his hair is unkept. She has no idea what is going on in this mans life, & within 5 seconds of seeing him from a distance she judges him. He may have been having a rough day – in todays economic climate everyone is struggling & he may be right at the bottom of this vicious cycle. But then again, now I’m judging…

Why do we as humans are so quick to judge others but then be in denial of our own situation?

There was a psychological study conducted on the factors of addictive behaviour, namely on attributions

(internal or external – what they blame their behaviour on). A group of smokers were asked to describe WHY they still smoked & they blamed it on other things such as the environment or peer pressure. Then they were provided with 4 fictitious scenarios of other people who smoked. The same participants were then asked why these other people still smoked. They blamed the people & said they had “low self-control” ..

The amazing thing that this study revealed was how people judge others. When asked to evaluate their own situation they were quick to blame it on something outside of their control (external attribution style) but when asked to judge other people in the same position as them they blamed the person & said they had no self-control (which would be an internal attribution if they were to blame themselves). It’s a defence mechanism, “saving face” – something I’ve talked about before.

Don’t be so quick to judge others – everyone may not have gone through what youve been through, but everyones still had shit happen to them in their life.. Even those little posh white kids that were raised in countrysides with multi-billionaire mummies & daddies & their own horse named Bob.

rant over.


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