All this bickering and palava over something that grows out of the top of your noggin. Short hair, long hair – but no one ever considers that awkward phase of having medium length hair. Short hair styles can be very nice, but once your edgy hair starts to grow out of its uber stylish cut you are in a very awkward position.. Grow your hair out (a very long winded process) or cut it again.

The problem with short hair is that although it can suit everyone, its a matter of finding a style that suits you and your personality, face shape etcetera etcetera. It also takes a lot of confidence in yourself to rock a short hair style or even medium length hair. Females seem to think that the length of your hair defines your sexuality and/or femininity/masculinity – it doesn’t.

So, what is the point of this post? Really and truly its for everyone, but its for those people who are in that awkward phase of having a hair length that you’re not used to or don’t like. I know particularly in the black community hair growth seems to be a major issue, but really an truly, its not that black/afro hair doesn’t grow as fast, its because of the texture it grows out in makes it seem shorter and you’ve not been protecting your ends so they break this can make your hair seem like it hasn’t grown as much. You could have grown an inch but lost half an inch on your ends and with the shrinkage as well, it can be very disheartening. Length retention is the key. But let me not get sidetracked.

The most awkward thing about styling medium length hair is that usually its too short to do certain hairstyles and too long for others. Rather than looking for someone else to follow and copy be your own inspiration, play around with your hair and come up with your own styles. Be a trend setter. What’s growing out of your head isn’t the same as what’s growing out of Sarah, Chantelle or Victorias head.

On another note, guys with long hair. Guys don’t have the issue of short vs. medium vs. long, once it starts to grow past your ears, that s*** is long. Personally I think guys with long hair, whether their black, white, asian, hispanic, oriental, whatever, are hot. But then again its all about preference. If you’re a guy with long hair don’t be discouraged if a girl turns you down because your hair is long – it just means she wasn’t the one for you. Find what suits you and the right girl for YOU will come.

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