Wasteman #2 – The Ambitionless

So yesterday I talked about The Doubter, a seemingly harmless version of a stalker that can turn ugly. However, some girls can put up with a doubter – they can find their over-clingy & over-protectiveness as romantic. However, there is one set back.. Doubters have a tendency to also come under the category of the Ambition-less.

When most women are asked what qualities they like in a man, ambition is usually one of them. Ambition doesn’t have to mean that your man is aspiring to be an astronaut or an 8 figure lawyer, as long as his ambition seems practical and reasonable this should do.

Let me give an example of The Ambition-less from my own personal experience. I was seeing a guy who was 2 years older than me, when I was at high school, he was at college doing BTEC IT.. By the time I started college, he had left college, got his IT qualification – and decided he wanted to go to college again and pursue his real passion… Acting. Fair enough at this point, he had some ambition in him however this is where it stopped. I don’t know whether he tried to get into an acting school after completing another two years of college or get into uni, but after college that was it. He worked at Next for a while and now works 3 hours a day at Iceland. He still wants to be an actor but he doesn’t do much other than help his friends that still go to college with some of their projects. But this next point is what tipped me over the edge – he says “He doesn’t want to be bait”. (bait: (adj.) Known by everyone) I was confused – I asked him how can he want to be an actor and not want to be bait. He replied, he wants to be bait among white people.

Some might be reading at this point and be confused about why the guy I’m talking about is ambition-less. His “dream” is not practical and before we got back together he was sitting at home while I was at uni & when we started speaking again he started job hunting.

Fair enough I was one of the reasons he started doing something again, but that is not enough.  I don’t want to be the reason for your motivation, your own ambitions should be the reason for your motivations.

How To Spot Him

An ambitionless guy is the easiest to spot. Even if he doesn’t have a career plan in his mind he should still be working on a something. Remember, ambition doesn’t necessarily mean being driven towards money. He can be in poetry, photography, volunteering, anything.

Why is an ambitionless guy a wasteman? This is quite a self explanatory but for those of you who want confirmation for your thoughts… An ambitionless guy will bring you down. More often than n0t if you want to do something in life he may support you with it, but if he is constantly not doing anything this can have an affect on you. For example if you end up living with him you may end up being too busy to spend quality time with him and you may start making room in your schedule to make up for lost time.

You must also be careful. An ambitionless guy can fool you into thinking he has something going on. He will woo you with his words and this particular kind of guy I like to call.. The Wordsmith.

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