Wasteman #3 – The Wordsmith

he wordsmith is one of the most cunning type of wasteman & one that can make YOU feel as if you are in the wrong. Although most men are all talk & no walk this wasteman has perfected the art of sculpting words with his mouth & telling a female what he thinks she wants to hear.

A key element of what it takes to be a player: a wordsmith will make you feel like you are the one & only, if there’s ever a problem in the relationship, will make you feel as if you are the one that caused the problem, & his worst crime to the females species is that he will forever deliver you empty promises. He will always find an excuse if he promised to take you out or buy you something. The most aggravating trait is that if you notice this about him and you call him out about it, he will play innocent & worst of all you have no evidence for his snakey ways because after all, he’s all talk.

How To Spot Him

Look out for someone who makes outrageous statements that make your heart melt very early on in the courtship. It’s alright if it’s every now & then but if it happens almost every conversation or everytime you meet there’s a good chance he’s a wordsmith. Also, if he seems to share your opinion on everything but never backs up his claims or dwells deeper than generic ideas about the topic at hand. A key trait of a wordsmith is that he knows a little of everything but very rarely deep knowledge about another thing.

A wordsmith is a pain to be with because he will never be able to physically or materially give you what you want. Call it shallow but even for a girl who isn’t very high maintenance this can become very irritating. It would be alright if he never offered, but the thing about the wordsmith is that he will OFFER you the whole world on a diamond pleated platter served exactly the way you like it but will never deliver. They are one of the most selfish type of people & will not only use their charm & charisma with the ladies but in every walk of life. At work he will most likely be in a role of high status, attained through very little secretion of sweat and blood, & will usually be in a role of delegation. However he is not limited to this. He could also be a local bartender or work at Schuh.

A snakey man deserves a snakey female, so if you feel like you are equally as selfish or feel like you are independent enough to not take his empty promises to heart then he could just be right for you

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