Every year discovering a
new old time acquaintance is
pregnant or getting married
or moving out or
complaining about work

Nights out become rarer
bills and payments become
cash guzzlers and prioritised
to the extent that they
are your main concerns

Preferring the food over the yak
trees help with focus and
planning your next move
While the E&J waits in the corner
to warm us on the coldest nights

Juggling deadlines and social life
becomes more difficult as a third
bottle is thrown in the mix
no time to waste, time is
running short. Time is money

Work becomes a beautiful cycle
of discovering some new – excitement.
The interview phase – anxiety
First few weeks – purpose
And the rest of your employment
– dreaded.

And every year these occurrences become
less devastating and more a part of regular living.
this is the real world.


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