What do men want?


“Don’t let your own confusion blow smoke in our direction and blur our minds”

Who is that quote direct towards? Males or females? 

Both. I’m writing this post directed towards females but I aim to show males some of the ways females interpret things.

I would like to begin by saying, twitter is a funny place. It’s an outlet for people to say whats on their mind and to fair, majority of peoples tweets have been influenced by how  a person thinks. From observing what people tweet about, I’ve come to this conclusion.

Men don’t know what they want.

Now, who am I to say that this applies to all men, this observation only arose from observing the population that I follow on twitter. The 16-24 age range (broad generalisation), but also, they’re from the UK.

The thing with the internet these days is that, sometimes to be heard, you need to be fast with witty responses, this is not a quality a lot of people possess so they are fast to adopt the opinions of others. Following blindly like sheep.

This is the understanding I have of male logic following these observations..

1. for a female to be seen as respectable and “wife-able” she must not have had sexual relations with more than 5 other men
2. A man’s own female must be able to be a “lady” in the streets, but a “freak” in the sheets
3. A female cannot have any sexual history with any of a mans friends

These are just a few examples but I find them all quite contradictory. If you expect a freaky lady then where is she to learn it? There are some females who are “naturally” freaky, but for some females they met one partner along the road who, pardon my french, taught them some freaky shit. 

Also, the UK is not a big country and if you have lived in one place your whole life you will have met a lot of people from your area and the surrounding areas. It is unfair to say a female cant have any sort of history with a person that you know, because really and truly, everyone in the world is interconnected in some way. (search: 6 degrees of separation)

However this next point I’m picking a bone with the ladies. A man believes that for a woman to be respectable, any “body count” (urban dictionary: how many people you’ve had sex with) higher than 5 is unacceptable. 

Really and truly, your past should be none of your partners business. Even if they ask you, you have no obligation to tell them. That’s not to say it is wrong, if you are comfortable with it and are going to be honest then go ahead and tell them. 

The problem I have is this. If you are going to tell them, dont lie. Because men are not mind readers but they’re also not idiots. When you tell them “I’ve slept with 3/4/5” however many people you’ve slept with, thats all the information they have to go off. So if you, as a woman, end up doing something to reflect yourself in a bad light, the thought process that comes to my mind is this

“If she lied about her body count, then why did she say that number, maybe the girl who is respectable must possess that attribute.”

So, let your past be your past, no-one is entitled to any part of you. 

Men, don’t let your confusion about women make you say things that are impractical. You can’t have a virgin sex goddess that doesnt know any of your friends. 


So, thats my two cents. So, here is my question to you men. What do you want?


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