50 Shades of Wastemen

They do exist. I could debate that 9 out of 10 men are waste in some sort of way. Before I jump into this let me clear up a few things. The word wasteman (fuckboy) is a British slang term so I think the most reliable definition should come from urban dictionary. Wasteman (noun) a frequent insult principally aimed at a “waste of space”. Waste of space in the context of not worthy of your (yes YOU) time. Now all the fellas who are reading this & getting slyly offended… don’t. In your defence, there are also waste females, but I’m not focusing on that, nor do I swing that way for me to have observed some of the foolish ways of females. For the time being, we are focusing on the different types of waste men, and although the title of this series suggests wastemen come in different shades of colour, all races and ethnicity harbour waste, but some categories may be more prone to have a higher percentage of waste within them…

One last thing before we jump into it. The most common wasteman/fuckboy is the type that only wants sex and is dishonest about this endeavour. This isn’t going to be a series focusing on this particular type of guy, because most females have encountered him and know how to spot him from a distance. This is going to be looking at the types of guys you may not expect to be a wasteman, how to spot him and to judge whether you want one of them in your life or not.

I am not claiming expert status on this topic, I’m purely speaking from experience and drawing from anecdotes of what other girls (and guys) have told me about their experiences.

This page will be your portal to everything post about wastemen. Keep checking back for new stuff as I will be updating quite frequently. Feel free to comment and leave your own opinions

The Doubter
The Ambitionless
The Wordsmith
The One Who Refuses To Give You A Title
The Realist
The Hotel User
The Rude One

6 thoughts on “50 Shades of Wastemen

  1. A waste man (stoner version)–lacks emotional intellect,runs away when challenged,takes a girlfriend at least 5years junior in order he can assert his otherwise non existent authority.Puts aspartame instead of sugar on his multicolored cereal hoops.Considers rolling a joint a work of art and looks a lot like jesus

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