Growing too fast

Growing too fast


Every year discovering a
new old time acquaintance is
pregnant or getting married
or moving out or
complaining about work

Nights out become rarer
bills and payments become
cash guzzlers and prioritised
to the extent that they
are your main concerns

Preferring the food over the yak
trees help with focus and
planning your next move
While the E&J waits in the corner
to warm us on the coldest nights

Juggling deadlines and social life
becomes more difficult as a third
bottle is thrown in the mix
no time to waste, time is
running short. Time is money

Work becomes a beautiful cycle
of discovering some new – excitement.
The interview phase – anxiety
First few weeks – purpose
And the rest of your employment
– dreaded.

And every year these occurrences become
less devastating and more a part of regular living.
this is the real world.


Middle Man

Middle Man

One foot in the room,
The other in the hallway.
Enough to know what is going on,
Not enough to be part of it.

Always the excuse to insist,
“I’m not in your room!”
Always questioning whether you’re allowed,
to come in or whether to keep your distance.

The problem with being a middle man.




no – just another word in the english language
but it holds so much meaning..
short & to the point.. what is no?

no is one of the first words we learn,
no is the opposite of yes,
no can mean nothing
“No answer”
no can mean yes
“Do you like him” – “No, I really like him”

Such a simple word.
not a word I use very often,
that way you can get the full impact..

hate is such a strong word?
NO is such a strong word.
& you have the audacity to continue
your foolishness after I have SHOUTED

well then, in that case;
I hope that you know, that no-one
gets away with not noting my no,
because now, I hope you know
that not no-one knows, & you
should watch your back..
because I said, no.

In The Night

In The Night

In the night, when half of humanity is sleeping
& the other half is working –
lonliness is your only companion
the presence of silence is haunting
& your mind begins to ponder & wander.

First it takes baby steps, evaluating the day,
the confused weather, grey & blue.
The late night films to be watched
at your own discretion…
until you start dissecting the world
It is a gloriously, beautiful bastard.

Your eyes demand sleep,
but your mind does not let you,
you are too deep in thought
The world is a dangerous place & the
shelter of your mother & fathers house
can no longer protect you
Its time for you to spread your wings

& although the anticipation is positive
the closer it gets, the more daunting it becomes
having lived in the system since birth
school, college, university.
Always someone there
making the tough decisions

Will you be part of the system when you leave?
did you learn enough?
Did you pick up the skills to survive,
in the white mans world?

& this is where your mind wanders in the night
& before you know it, the birds are awake
& the absence of silence allows you to finally,

Technological Age

Technological Age












I fear I am one of the biggest
fools of this generation,
to yield a pen

Though I must admit
I have not dis-abled spellcheck
in my browser.

My life still partly governed by
those red and green lines
a Grammatical errors is not
picked up the same way on paper

Funny how the tiniest flash of red
underneath your shoes
signifies wealth and beauty

And a jagged red line
underneath a misspelt word

Made in Germany, Manufactured in Nigeria

Made in Germany, Manufactured in Nigeria

Suffering the same fate as Zeno,
my tongue ripped from throat;
yes, the cat did feed.
Grammatical rules still battle
with the english –

I prefer my butter toasted,
put some tea in my sugar;
slips of the tongue evade me
my tongue running past my mind
talking too fast.

I am truly Made in Germany
the language lies dormant in me
my mind tingles when the language
tickles my ear or tantalises my eyes
yearning for the culture

Homemade cheesecake, deep green
landscapes, the mother land interconnected
by Autobahn.
Crisp, fresh air and sparkling water,

Torn from my half roots,
Mother manufactured in Nigeria,
her roots deep set in her OWN motherland,
she still owns her tongue
emersed me in the culture and customs,

The language rings familiar in my ears,
though fluency evades me,
E kaa-ro, e jo, kini? olodo, oloshi
Simplicity speaks to me

so this is the meaning stamped to my back
to forever remind me of my lineage.

Losing Love

Losing Love

Ive been losing love, trying to
fit in with the rest of society
Ive been losing love, hoping
to get a little taste of life before
I have to get tied down…

But love is everywhere, its
inevitable to escape.
the first step is to find it –
& it overwhelms you to
the point where you just have
to share it with someone else

I almost had love once,
Love is always waiting, love
is patient… Theres enough love
for everyone, as long as theres
enough room in your own heart

Im losing love and I dont like it
I still break the bread &
sip the wine, guilty
concious I am not part-taking