Growing up we all wanted a gentleman;
open the door, pull out a chair.
Growing up we all wanted a sensitiveman;
tell us how he’s feeling, cuddle instead of feening.

So they turned into gentle men;
gentle and SENSITIVE men,
those men who write poems
& aren’t afraid to cry.

we turned around & remarked!
“are you gay”
“he’s too clingy”
“I want a REAL man”

So now we’ve grown up we dont want
a gentleman.
we want a real man
a read-my-mind-and-fuck-me-right kind of man

So they went out to get practice;
because they need practice to fuck you right,
they learned pick-up-lines to speed up the process
& they fucked anything with 2 legs
all for some practice.

we turned around & remarked!
“he’s a player”
“he only wants to fuck”
“I want a GENTLEman”