Middle Man

Middle Man

One foot in the room,
The other in the hallway.
Enough to know what is going on,
Not enough to be part of it.

Always the excuse to insist,
“I’m not in your room!”
Always questioning whether you’re allowed,
to come in or whether to keep your distance.

The problem with being a middle man.



Why mixed-race people are seen as more “attractive”

Why mixed-race people are seen as more “attractive”

Don’t shoot the messenger – this is the biological reason of why mixed-race people appear to be more attractive than other races. It may not apply to the majority or as a long-term thing. But in terms of seeing someone for the first time & those first moments of attraction, this is the answer.

Attraction is not subjective as some people think. It is objective. People on average prefer people with more symmetrical and average features. Not average as in what is “averagely” attractive – but lips for example – if you took all the lips in the world & found out what the average lip is, mixed-race people are more likely to have them. For example, take the extreme of a very “white” lip (usually associated with being very thin) and a very “black” lip – if they reproduce, the lips of the mixed child will be “average”. Not too big, not too small.

The reason for this attraction towards more average things is because it is “easier” on the eye in a sense. Someone with a lot of complex features – take someone like Kate Moss for example, when we look at her we have to pick her features apart to see her “beauty”. For a mixed-race person, because most of their features are more average or “generic” (think of the Sims) it is easier to “take in” all of their features at once.

As a side note – I know Megan Fox isn’t mixed race but she has been counted one of the more beautiful women in society multiple signs & scientists believe this is because her face is very┬ásymmetrical.


Made in Germany, Manufactured in Nigeria

Made in Germany, Manufactured in Nigeria

Suffering the same fate as Zeno,
my tongue ripped from throat;
yes, the cat did feed.
Grammatical rules still battle
with the english –

I prefer my butter toasted,
put some tea in my sugar;
slips of the tongue evade me
my tongue running past my mind
talking too fast.

I am truly Made in Germany
the language lies dormant in me
my mind tingles when the language
tickles my ear or tantalises my eyes
yearning for the culture

Homemade cheesecake, deep green
landscapes, the mother land interconnected
by Autobahn.
Crisp, fresh air and sparkling water,

Torn from my half roots,
Mother manufactured in Nigeria,
her roots deep set in her OWN motherland,
she still owns her tongue
emersed me in the culture and customs,

The language rings familiar in my ears,
though fluency evades me,
E kaa-ro, e jo, kini? olodo, oloshi
Simplicity speaks to me

so this is the meaning stamped to my back
to forever remind me of my lineage.