Partying Doesn’t Make You A Hoe

Partying Doesn’t Make You A Hoe

Going clubbing and going to house Parties does not make you a hoe, anymore than going to church makes you a Christian.

Some people need to go to a party once in a while.. Girls like to get dressed up – & its not for attention or anything like that, its so that we can feel good about ourselves. Its a self-esteem thing. If we get approached it makes us feel like we look good & if you judge that then you are just a hater of your own existence. Drink a little bit, dance with your legs wide open & show everyone your pum because you “forgot” to wear knickers. it DOESNT make you a hoe.

when it DOES make you a hoe is when you go with the intention of going home with a guy.

without fail, eyeballing man in the clubs so they can buy you drinks, cos i know you only brought out £20, to get into the club & then money for the taxi home. The type of girl that will go to a club with a group of her girlfriends & then 5 minutes of entering shes already whining on someone she doesnt know. THAT is what makes you a hoe. so stop judging these girls when they go out. You’re probably jealous cos they seem to be a having a better time than you.