Break Ups: The Healing Process

Break Ups: The Healing Process

I’m not too sure what boys go through when it comes to breaking up; but from experience, this is what I have seen a lot of females go through, not always in the same order but usually the same stages…

STAGE 1: deep depression

this is usually always the first stage. It can kick in anywhere between just seconds after the break-up to a couple of days after. Symptoms include: Crying herself to sleep; eating too much or not at all; listening to slow jams 24/7; no motivation. Her girlfriends usually fuel the fire & there is usually a bitching fest where 2 or more females gather & pick apart her ex for ever flaw he has.

STAGE 2: excessive partying/drinking

In an attempt to get over the heart ache, a girl may start partying/raving/drinking more than usual. Any opportunity to go out will suffice. Nothing can be done about this other than letting her do what shes doing. Its just a phase after all – it usually lasts about a week worth of partying, because she’ll soon get tired of having hangovers.

STAGE 3: extremely horny

The roast is real my friends! What is “roast?” – it is being horny beyond reason-ability. A while after the break-up & not having regular sex anymore, the horniness sets in. It attacks you at the most silly times. Even if you weren’t having sex with your partner – or ive seen situations where the girl wasn’t in a relationship with the guy, the most they had done was kiss – she was still extremely horny. In some situations the girl may give in to this feeling & go get get laid. I’ve also heard of situations where a relationship was never in the future but after not speaking to the guy she liked for a little bit & with him being a “jerk”, she was still extremely horny & just wanted to have sex with the guy & stop speaking to him as a form of revenge. I think she got friendzoned. 

STAGE 4: bitching

this is where the healing process begins. After coming to her senses & returning to a normal routine she will start exposing everything about her ex that she hates. Her friends did this for her during her deep depression phase but it was just generic comments like “He was a wasteman anyway!”, “he doesn’t deserve you” etc etc etc., now the REAL bitch fest begins. This will include excessive txting/pinging & calling all the girls & laying her ex’s shit bare for everyone to see. This is the most dangerous stage because if there are any XXX pictures she may expose him. She may also exaggerate certain things when speaking to her friends and chinese whispers can cause a lot of trouble. However, bitching is a vital step of the healing process, though not always executed. Bitching = making the other seem unappealing to the self. The female will convince herself that she never liked the ex in the first place.

STAGE 5: nostalgia

From anything to a few weeks to a few months, in some cases even years – the heart break will begin to subdue. If the bitching stage was used this process may be sped up. She will have come to terms with the break up although there may still be traces of nostalgia, especially if it was a long term relationship.

Usually females are completely over a break up when they begin to look for a [long-term] partner again. That is not so say they may not look for a partner before. This is usually the case, i.e., a rebound. When a new partner is sought not in desperation because she feels lonely & misses cuddles, but because she is ready to start a new page in her life. She may also try new things, i.e., a new job, explore another interest etc.

So, how accurate do you think this is? Let me know in the comments below.
Have you experienced the same things? & what is the break up process like for guys?

thanks for reading.

Partying Doesn’t Make You A Hoe

Partying Doesn’t Make You A Hoe

Going clubbing and going to house Parties does not make you a hoe, anymore than going to church makes you a Christian.

Some people need to go to a party once in a while.. Girls like to get dressed up – & its not for attention or anything like that, its so that we can feel good about ourselves. Its a self-esteem thing. If we get approached it makes us feel like we look good & if you judge that then you are just a hater of your own existence. Drink a little bit, dance with your legs wide open & show everyone your pum because you “forgot” to wear knickers. it DOESNT make you a hoe.

when it DOES make you a hoe is when you go with the intention of going home with a guy.

without fail, eyeballing man in the clubs so they can buy you drinks, cos i know you only brought out £20, to get into the club & then money for the taxi home. The type of girl that will go to a club with a group of her girlfriends & then 5 minutes of entering shes already whining on someone she doesnt know. THAT is what makes you a hoe. so stop judging these girls when they go out. You’re probably jealous cos they seem to be a having a better time than you.