Corset piercing

so I read in the Metro the other week that theres a new craze of people getting corset piercings. now as a correction – these are NOT new. ive been aware of them since I was about 12. The argument is that they arent healthy but to be honest they are just like any other surface piercing. The actual piercing is only temporary – they are purely for adornment & even though i wouldnt get one, they are beautiful. I would never be able to get one cos my skin scars so easily. + its only the surface of the skin so its not deep enough to get infected. it still does have to be kept clean. unlike corset piercings, these are quite a new craze.

Cheek piercings on the other hand, are essentially to create the look of dimples

but funnily enough, they only look good on people who actually have dimples. Also, although they are CUTE, i would never actually get any or think they are attractive

(i have 1 dimple, but I still wouldnt get one) , so, with that mini rant, here are some pictures.